Melons Caramelo

melon_caramelo2Toad skin melon grown and selected in Castilla La Mancha

Caramelo is a melon with a unique flavor. The sweetness and texture make melon Caramelo unmistakeable. Melon is selected from the best varieties of melons and treated by the best professionals. Caramelo is taken care of for the consumer to obtain a quality product.

The Caramelo melons are cultivated with improved seeds and cared for by the best farmers. The melon is treated naturally, based on the best characteristics of soil and climate. All of this makes our melons to be a product of higher quality. The taste, texture and freshness are guaranteed.

Melon Caramelo is a guarantee for every customer, 100% quality and 100% healthy.
If candies are sweet … do not run out to try our melon Caramelo!