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S.A.T Hortiman was founded in 1995 by a group of farmers. We are a whole sale company dedicated to distributing melons and watermelons.

Ever since it was founded ,Hortiman has been improving in every area of the business. We begin by selecting  the best varieties of melon and the best soil to grow them in. After that we go onto classification and selection of the best melons and watermelons. The last step in our process is the packaging and distribution. All of the above is done with the best professionals in the area (experience, tradition and technology).



Our facilities, modernized and adequate, constitute an added guarantee for our product. The work and storage area for the product is large and roomy. We also isolate our products, ventilate and illuminate them in a controlled environment.

Due to the fact that we commercialize our own products, we are able to guarantee the quality of our melons and watermelons.

Our industrial unit is located in Tomelloso, Castilla La Mancha. Our facilities also have enough room to keep and protect from the sun more than 500 thousand Kilograms of melons and watermelons. The packaging process for melons and watermelons is separate.

Growing areas and seasons

At Hortiman we are able to grow and harvest in Castilla La Mancha. We start our season at the end of April. Melons and watermelons are produced from April to June in Almería. During June and July we get melons and watermelons from Murcia. The harvesting period in La Mancha starts in July and finishes in November. In La Mancha we have several Hectares of production. We apply the same principles in our cultivation areas: selected seeds, and a complete follow up method of production and quality.

Check out our Caramelo  melons for its excellence sweetness, freshness and succulence.